What are you good at?

Real Estate InvestorsI once heard a motivational speaker say..”You can be successful at anything you want in life as long as you work hard and go after it.”

That statement is one of the worst pieces of advice someone could give. I know plenty of people that worked their butts off toward a dream of theirs and failed miserably.

Marc, a friend of mine had a great job at consumers energy but wanted to be an entrepreneur so bad that he quit his job and started his own computer business…..guess what? He failed miserably!

Because Marc was really smart with computers, he thought he’d be able to own his own business and be successful in it. Marc quickly realized that he didn’t have the entrepreneurial hustle that it took to become a successful business owner. In other words, he was gifted at computers, but not gifted in business.

The key is….what are you good at? What are your gifts and abilities? Stop trying to be everyone else! Stop comparing yourself. If you are bad at talking to people, don’t be a salesman. If you aren’t very self motivated, don’t become an entrepreneur. If you are like Marc, you probably need to work for someone else.

Stop trying to imitate what comes natural for someone else that is completely unnatural for you. It won’t work.

It doesn’t mean you can’t learn from other people and even imitate what they did to get where you want to go. However, you’ll need some of the basic elements inside of you that the person you are trying to imitate has inside of them.

So what the motivational speaker should’ve said is…”You can be successful at anything you want in life as long as you have natural gifts and abilities that line up with what you are doing.”